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Don't Estimate…Measure! Accurate Surface Characterization When the Outcome Matters

Frederick Fiddler  (Technical Manager, KRÜSS USA)

Date: Wednesday, November 4

Time: 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Track: Tech Theater

Vault Recording: TBD

As novel materials are assessed and optimized for use in medical devices, their compatibility with a range of substances must be evaluated. Often surface treatments or modifications are needed such as coating, plasma or corona treatment in order to achieve the desired material performance. The desired outcome could be stronger, longer lasting adhesion between parts of a device in contact with a certain type of adhesive or the desired outcome could be to increase or decrease the affinity of an implant or outer surface of a device and its adhesion to body tissues. Whatever the end goal, it is important that accurate, scientific methods are used to assess surface properties and ensure that product defects or failures are avoided. Estimating or guessing about the right level of surface treatment, modification or suitability of a given material is unacceptable when lives are at stake. This presentation provides a systematic approach to surface characterization via contact angles and surface free energy calculations along with liquid characterization via surface tension, polar and dispersive components. It is further shown how liquid and solid characterization can be used to predict future liquid and substrates interactions and their likelihood to form strong, long lasting bonds.

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