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Surgical Robotics 5.0: The Future of Robotics in Healthcare

Harel Gadot  (Company Group Chairman, MEDX Ventures Group)

Location: Center Stage

Date: Wednesday, November 4

Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Track: Keynote, Center Stage

Vault Recording: TBD

We are on the cusp of an incredible revolution in health care, one that will truly improve quality and access to healthcare for everyone around the globe. In this interactive lecture, Harel Gadot, Company Group Chairman of MEDX Ventures, Co-Founder and CEO of Microbot Medical, and Chairman and President of XACT Robotics will discuss the arrival of Surgical Robotics 5.0, and how this new era will make healthcare safer, higher quality, more accessible and less wasteful. Gadot will outline the evolution of surgical robots and what it will take to get us from the status quo to the next generation – generation 5.0, as well as the role technical experts must play.

Topics include:

  • How the advent of autonomous surgical robots will (and is already) transform healthcare by allowing for more accurate and less invasive robotic surgery
  • The next generation of surgical robots-- “Surgical Robotics 5.0” -- how it is a powerful force for disruption in the healthcare industry
  • Ways surgical robotics will democratize surgery, elevate the quality of treatment, and reduce time between diagnosis and treatment

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